Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

After slogging through hundreds of book blogs in the last few weeks in an attempt to get some of them to review my show, I've decided to make another attempt at reviewing books on this blog.  Clearly, it's not because the Internet needs more book reviews, or because people are clamoring for my opinion, but because I feel like my voice, and the books I would want to focus on, aren't being represented.  It would also justify the large stacks of books I lug home from the library twice a week.

I will still be writing my typical Wench-y musings on life in BookWorld/ retail, and my own literary annoyances, but hopefully these reviews will show that my anger stems from a place of true love for the written word, and respect for the people who create it.

I won't be doing the typical star rating system, or thumbs up, or a scale of kisses/hearts/stilettos that I saw on far too many review sites.  Instead I'll write a brief synopsis and then include the following sections to offer my opinion:

Recommend- Pretty much a yes/no breakdown, and specifications as to who would enjoy it.  I'll try to tie it in to other books/genres since I'm well aware that not everyone will agree with my particular tastes.

Genre - I'll include a real genre to give some idea as to where you'd find it in a bookstore, but also narrow it down by my own imaginary sub-genres.  (Isn't that how all of you inventory your personal libraries? No.  Just me then…)

Post-It Flags-  This is as close to a numerical rating as I can get.  Generally when I read a book I have Post-It flags at the ready to mark interesting passages, things that make me laugh or cry, quotes I like, or things I want to research further.   Really anything that resonates with me to the point that I know I'll want to revisit it or try to understand it better.  It's also how I decide if a book needs to be part of the permanent collection - if I've borrowed a book and it gets more than 10-15 flags it's earned a spot on my shelf.  If it's something I own and it doesn't pass the flag test, chances are it gets traded in for something else.

Favorite Quotes-  I collect quotes the way other people collect shot glasses/figurines/baseball cards/cats.  I have books that I've painstakingly handwritten and embellished full of quotes that I love, or that make the world seem vaguely rational and understandable.  I've found that even in books I don't particularly like I'll stumble upon a sentence that makes me think, or rises above the rest of the book and makes the reading of it not a complete waste of time.   So I'll pull one or two quotes from the book I'm reviewing to intrigue you, or possibly make you question my sanity.

I won't review everything I read, because sometimes I read mindless, entertaining drivel.  I'm well aware it has no literary merit, so there's no reason to share my book-shame with others.  I'll try to keep it classy here - which is not to say I'll only be reviewing classics by old white men, just that I won't try to do an in-depth review of a Laurell K. Hamilton book.

Anyway - it's something to be on the lookout for.  Let me know if you have any book suggestions or things you'd like to see me discuss in a review.