Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quotes of the Week

For this Saturday edition of BookWench we'll take a look at some of the funny/ horrifying things my co-workers and I have heard in BookWorld. I promise that all quotes featured here are real, un-adulterated things people have said in a bookstore.
Warning: If you believe the brilliant Lewis Black's theory of what causes aneurisms you may not want to think about any of these quotes for too long. (This is the best link I could find, sorry about the commercial.  Trust me it's worth it.)

That guy is like the American Indiana Jones.”

Do you have Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by William Shakespeare?”

Do you have a book called The Farm Animals by George Orvile?”

How can you call yourself booksellers if you don't know who Tom Ford is?”
(Author's note: Tom Ford is a fashion designer. His name is on one book, a giant coffee table book with photos of his designs. Tom Sawyer we are all well aware of, but Tom Ford, not all of us know of his apparently massive impact on the literary world. Especially since most of my coworkers are jeans and tshirt wearing BOOK nerds.)

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