Monday, September 24, 2012

Shameless Promotion

Hello Lovely Readers!!

This mini-post is to let you all know that the website for the series I wrote is now up and running.  If you have a few minutes please go check it out.  We've added some great behind the scenes footage and bonus content, plus all three episodes.

 Click here:

And if you have a blog, or anyone you know has a blog please feel free to share the link.  Our goal is to make a show for people who love books, and to honor the written word in a visual medium.  That and to make people act out my weird fantasies of what would happen if Jay Gatsby and Scarlett O'Hara met.

Go.  Watch. Share (please!!!).

Just remember - if this show is a success I can leave retail.  And that's really the best outcome for everyone involved.

Thanks again.

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